Hidden Treasure Ranch Black Hills, South Dakota Cabin Rental
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Hidden Treasure Ranch Black Hills Cabin Rental

– the Hidden Treasure Ranch cabin in the Black Hills is located approximately 3 miles off of Highway 385. Approximately 2 of the 3 miles are on the Galena Road. Hidden Treasure Lane is roughly 4/5th of a mile and is a 20’ wide all-season gravel road off the county road. The road was built for passenger vehicles and motorcycles and is maintained by property owners (also see Gate below).

Acreage – the Hidden Treasure Ranch, Black Hills cabin rental sits on property that is approximately 500 acres in size (Hidden Treasure Ranch and the Coletta Tree Farm). The property has more than 20 miles of roads and trails for hiking, ATV riding, mountain biking, horseback riding, and snowmobiling. In addition, there are 40,000+ acres of adjacent Forest Service acreage for similar pursuits. Most of the trails are 10+ feet wide.

Air-conditioning – rarely needed; however, two window units are installed in the
living room and upstairs bedroom during the summer months. Note: Keep front door closed as much as possible (especially in the afternoon). Cabin will be cooler in the summer if windows are used for air circulation instead of door.

Airport – the closest airport is Rapid City Regional (approximately 55 miles). Service is provided by United, Delta and Northwest.
            United (800) 241-6522
            Delta (SkyWest) (800) 221-1212
            Northwest (800) 225-2525
            Airport Express Shuttle (800) 357-9998 / (605)-399-9999

Animals – wild animals are resident on the property and include: whitetail deer, mule deer, rabbits, wild turkeys, and elk. The large meadow is usually a good location to spot deer and elk.